Code of Conduct and safety

The full version of our Code of Conduct can be seen here.

Refunds policy

If you are no longer able to take a course that you have booked, please tell us as soon as possible.

Refunds on course registrations may be issued at our discretion before the start of the first class.

Contact us at info@steelcityswing.co.uk for clarification or questions.

Class cancellation

If due to instructor illness, bad weather (e.g. if the roads are dangerous due to snow or ice) or other extraordinary event and the class needs to be canceled and rescheduled, we will email you if you’re on our mailing list and post on Facebook by midday on the day of the class.

For this reason, please make sure you “like” our Facebook page (or sign-up to our Facebook group), and/or provide an accurate email so we can reach you on these occasions.