What types of swing dance do you teach?

We predominately teach the Lindy Hop, a partnered swing dance that originated in the 20s and 30s, but we also run classes once a month for the Charleston that is also a partnered swing dance.

Occasionally we will run special classes for jazz steps; these are solo classes where you will learn a routine of jazz steps such as the Shim Sham.

We also occasionally run “Introduction to…” classes that will cover Lindy Hop variations and beginners Charleston.

Check out our schedule page to see when the next classes are.

Can I turn up or do I need to book?

For Level 1 (beginners Lindy Hop) courses we do not allow drop-in students. A ‘drop-in’ or ‘walk-in’ student is someone looking to attend just one week out of a multi-class series. You must register and pay for all four weeks of the beginners course before it begins.

All other classes (Level 2 and 3 Lindy Hop and Charleston, Jazz Step specials and introductory courses) are run as drop-in sessions, unless specified otherwise.

How do the classes work? Do I need to bring a dance partner?

No, you do not need to bring a dance partner.

We rotate students throughout the class as this helps to build your experience of dancing with new people, refining your technique and helps you to meet new people. However, we will not force you to rotate if you wish to only work with the partner you brought.

What do you mean by “Lead” and “Follow” roles? Which am I?

Lindy Hop and the Charleston are both partnered dances made up of a “leader” and a “follower”.

Leaders initiate movement and rhythms to your dance partner. Followers tune in to the movements and rhythms being communicated by the leader and respond.

Both lead and follower can influence the dance and add styling and variations, making each dance unique and fun.

Everyone can lead and everyone can follow, and many people do both. For our classes, we ask that you pick the role that sounds fun to you, and stick with it for the duration of that class.

What should I wear and bring to classes?

If you’ve never danced before, casual and comfortable clothing is recommended and shoes that don’t have extra grip or traction on the bottom. We recommend flat shoes or plimsolls. We also recommend bringing a water bottle as there is a kitchen where you can refill.

Bring a face towel, spare clothing and extra deodorant if necessary.

Where can I social dance?
  • Lindy Hop Sheffield (LHS) run social dances as well as occasional workshops and other activities in Sheffield.
  • There are also many other opportunities for social dancing in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Hull and York to name but a few close options.
  • You can find links to these scenes, and other Sheffield events, through the LHS Facebook page or by asking teachers and fellow dancers at our classes.