About Us

Steel City Swing is a sociable, friendly and upbeat swing dance class in Sheffield that was first established in 2010 by a group of dancers who wanted to bring their love of dancing to more people.

We principally teach Lindy Hop and the Charleston, along with Jazz Step classes periodically throughout the year. We are aiming to teach social dancing, and building confidence, technique and experience so that you feel comfortable to dance freestyle at a casual social event and have a good time. 

Steel City Swing is a volunteer community group organised by Emma Green and Craig Atkins. All proceeds are used to hire the community hall we use, and are invested in organising and running the classes and bringing in new dance content.

Emma Green and Craig Atkins are also the principle teachers. Both have over 9 years dancing experience and are professional members of the Foundation for Community Dance, and are signatories to the Professional Code of Conduct.

Foundation for Community Dance membership numbers:

  • Craig Atkins: 33359
  • Emma Green: 30213