Level Descriptions


This level is open to new dancers and dancers who have been dancing for less than a year. It focuses on the fundamentals of Lindy Hop and Charleston and aims to bring dancers up to a level where you can comfortably use a number of moves on the social dance floor and set the foundations to grow your dancing ability.

Fundamental skills are important at all levels of dancing.  Dancing will improve your overall agility, balance and coordination, so you can move in a more relaxed and confident way.  Practising good posture and body control whilst performing basic moves will underpin working towards more challenging moves.



This level is open to dancers who have mastered the basics and now wish to improve their dancing further. There is an expectation that dancers in this level can do 6-beat and 8-beat basics comfortably at a range of speeds, as well as being able to perform swing-outs and lindy-turns. The class focuses on improving your existing moves through technique and awareness of how to introduce variations and improvisation. We introduce elements of styling and musicality and will encourage you to tackle some more challenging moves.


If you are not sure what level you should enter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.