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  1. Hi I will be living in Sheffield and I will strat doing some lindy again.
    I used to do it, so I know the basic steps.
    I learn quite quick because I have been dacing salsa, …

    When can I join you? Where are you based? How much is it?

  2. Hi there, my friend and I are hoping to come to your lindy hop beginner class today. So you have space for us? I hope so! Thank you.

  3. Hi there,

    A friend and I would like to join your Monday beginners class if you have spaces please. Can we start any week or do you work in blocks?

    Many thanks,


  4. Are you holding a class at St Peters Hall on August 7th. Its a bank holiday. If so, can you send me the address and post code. Are you holding a class on Gibralter street August 9th? I’m only in sheffield that week so planning ahead.

  5. Hey hey, I can’t dance AT ALL but I’m really eager to learn, are your Monday nights accessible for the 100%novice, if so, when /where do you meet and what cost please, thankyou!

  6. Hi there, I’ve just moved to Sheffield and would love to come along to some swing classes – are these still going on?

  7. Hi we turned up today for the Monday night class on empire road that is mentioned on your website, we couldn’t find you and went to common ground which is showing up on the map as the place you are. Can you tell us if the sessions are still on a Monday night and if so where?
    Thank you

    Rachel Evans

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